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Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips can help you read the stock market’s changing signs

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How to future-proof your stock investments and outperform the market at the same time

Garvin Jabusch at the Shelton Green Alpha Fund girds against global systemic risk. Read More

The ‘wisdom of crowds’ can cost you when the stock market is in turmoil

While we like to think we are rugged individualists who go our own way as investors, too often we reflexively look around to see what everyone else is doing. And then copy. Read More

Stock market sentiment is bad, but not bad enough to trigger a major ‘buy’ signal

In the past, sentiment has bottomed out at lower levels. Read More

Why 401(k) and other retirement savers can be thankful Fidelity’s Ned Johnson was such a visionary

Fund industry pioneer was early to see potential for corporate-sponsored retirement plans. Read More

Convinced the stock market’s next two years will be like the past two? Don’t bet on it.

After soaring since March 2020, U.S stocks are beginning a lengthy rough patch. Read More

The Federal Reserve’s big policy shift points to good times for bank stocks

Banks’ profits will increase as interest rates on loans rise and the cost of deposits remains low. Read More

Companies will face more shareholder battles this year — and they will be harder to win

Recent SEC rule changes make it easier for activist investors to push environmental and social issues. Read More

Market-timing is easier with stocks and gold than bonds, but fund managers try anyway — and usually fail

Few bond-fund managers can outperform a simple buy-and-hold index strategy. Read More

If you’re ready to buy China tech stocks again, these five may be the best path to outperformance

Fears of a U.S. delisting and a Chinese regulatory crackdown have scared away investors. If you think the damage is done, it might be worth sniffing out some bargains. Read More

10 ways to invest in the nuclear-power revival and soon-to-be surge in uranium prices

It’s dawning on countries that nuclear energy has been left out of the energy solution. Read More

World Water Day raises alarm for groundwater and ‘forever chemicals’ — how to invest

A stock pro answers World Water Day questions: Which “forever chemicals” pollute groundwater? Is infrastructure spending enough? Where should investors look? Read More

Water is plentiful, but ways to invest are scarce — here’s how to make money

Tuesday is World Water Day, and water could be the next focus for ESG investing. Read More

Stock market investors are in the danger zone. This all-weather investing strategy offers protection

The Standpoint Multi-Asset Fund is among funds that aim to smooth out the stock market’s ride. Read More

This stock market rally has more upside, but expect any relief to be brief

Why one last bottom must be made before the market’s next meaningful advance. Read More

As stocks wobble, the March 2000 Nasdaq top is a harsh reminder that the long run isn’t always your friend

The stock market doesn’t necessarily produce handsome returns over time. Read More

What happens when the kids leave home?

Make sure your retirement financial plan is based on how you’ll actually behave Read More

If you’re anxious about markets and investing, make sure your financial adviser gets it

Advisers may not necessarily appreciate clients’ money worries. Read More

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