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Personal Finance Daily: Most Americans fear prolonged bear market amid dramatic dive in stocks and if Roe is overturned, the economic toll for women is ‘potentially devastating’

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If Roe is overturned, the economic toll for women is ‘potentially devastating,’ advocates say

‘A lot of us don’t realize how on the edge how many people live,’ says the leader of a national pregnancy-support organization. Read More

Most Americans were feeling gloomy even before Thursday’s dramatic dive in stocks — and now they fear a prolonged bear market

The Dow tumbled roughly 3% in Thursday afternoon trading. Read More

Google searches for Plan B pills surged as people fear future of abortion rights. But will the ‘morning-after pill’ be enough in a post-Roe world?

Interest in the emergency contraceptive pill intensified after a leaked Supreme Court opinion raised the prospect of the 1973 ruling being overturned. Read More

‘A violent unwinding of crowded positions’: Dow plunges 1,000 points as investors grow nervous about Fed’s balancing act

Investors are concerned about the Fed’s ability to raise rates to combat inflation without pushing the economy into a recession. Read More

‘Time in the stock market is more important than timing the market’ and more critical money and investing lessons I wish my younger self had understood

Why increasing your savings matters more than maximizing your returns — and other stock-market lessons Brian Feroldi learned the hard way. Read More

‘The pandemic boom in home sales is over’: Mortgage rates soar to highest level since 2009 as the Fed pressures the housing market

The Federal Reserve is pushing mortgage rates higher, which is upending the competitive housing market. Read More

Why a certified used car might be a good choice right now

Find out what protection you can expect and types of warranty coverage that go along with these programs before buying a certified pre-owned vehicle. Read More

How a smart home can get you a discount on homeowners insurance—you may even get some of the devices free

Smart-home devices can monitor leaks, control thermostats and keep property secure. But they may also qualify you for a discount on homeowners insurance. Read More

Do I owe self-employment taxes if I’m a member of a limited liability company?

The question of whether LLC members pay self-employment taxes is a tricky one, and Tax Guy is here to guide you. Read More

Elizabeth Warren tells Senate hearing on banks: ‘They are still squeezing families on overdraft fees’

The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs held a hearing on Wednesday to discuss bank overdraft charges Read More

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