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Personal Finance Daily: The IRS sent thousands of third-round stimulus checks to dead people and pending home sales decline as interest rates rise

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Plastic was found in human blood for the first time. Is this a public health risk?

Evidence of microplastics in human blood requires study to understand health concerns. Production of the life-changing technology looks to quadruple by 2050. Read More

The IRS sent thousands of third-round stimulus checks to dead people — that’s still a huge improvement from the first round

The IRS paid the correct amount 99.48% of the time, but nearly 645,000 potential recipients are still waiting, a Treasury Department watchdog report says. Read More

Former Texas police chief convicted for taking kickbacks in emergency radio scheme and funneling payments to his side gig — a band called Funky Munky

Timothy Vasquez was charged with taking kickbacks for steering a multi-million contract to a radio vendor for the city of San Angelo. Read More

Weekend reads: the slowing housing market and inverted yield curve signal a coming recession

Also, the case for buying Tesla’s stock and how to plan for retirement. Read More

‘We’re concerned this woman may persuade him to leave his house to her’: My father, 85, moved in with a female friend. How do we stop her taking his money?

‘He isn’t willing to put his house in my sister’s name.’ Read More

Pending home sales decline for 4th consecutive month, as interest rates rise: ‘Many people looking for a home have hit a ceiling’

Fast-rising mortgage rates are straining affordability for a growing number of families, putting homeownership out of reach for some. Read More

Fighting escalating gas prices: California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposes $400 for households with one car and $800 with two cars. Other states suspend their gas tax.

Approximately 20 states are considering some type of gas tax pause, or reduction, according to one count Read More

Taxpayers wasted as much as $13 billion on filing federal returns, when they could have filed free

Each year, 70% of taxpayers qualify to file federal returns for free, but few do. The unnecessary spending could top $13 billion. Read More

Fed official doesn’t think housing market is headed for a crash: ‘I am trying to buy a house here in Washington and the market is crazy’

Federal Gov. Christopher Waller says he knows today’s home buyers’ pain Read More

MacKenzie Scott has given away more than $12 billion since her divorce from Jeff Bezos — and 60% of her most recent gifts went to women-led groups

‘Our aim has been to support the needs of underrepresented people from groups of all kinds,’ Scott said of her latest round of donations. Read More

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