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Personal Finance Daily: What happens next if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade and if a recession is inevitable, should you pay off your mortgage now?

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If the Supreme Court’s plan to reverse Roe is pro-child, where’s the help to ease child-care costs?

The pending rollback of abortion rights should also serve as a reminder that Washington and most U.S. states provide little support for child care. Read More

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, what happens next?

A number of states have laws that would ‘trigger’ a ban on abortion if the ruling was overturned. Read More

Some economists say a recession is inevitable. Should you pay off your mortgage now? Consider these factors first.

Financial experts generally recommend clearing debts ahead of an economic downturn, but mortgages might be an exception. Read More

The decline in the U.S. birth rate bounced back from the early days of the pandemic

A new working paper shines light on the COVID-related ‘baby bust,’ and the surprisingly speedy recovery. Read More

‘He has a greedy daughter’: I want to leave my home to my daughter, but I would also like to continue receiving income from my husband’s properties if I die before him

‘Is a will sufficient? What if I predecease my husband and he makes a new will?’
Read More

10 top hybrids for less than $30,000

Hybrid cars are a great choice for family road trips or long daily commutes, and they save on gas. Read More

To protect your privacy, here’s how to limit tracking and data collecting with a few simple device settings

Here’s a quick guide on how to set limits on location tracking and limit other data mining by changing a few settings in your phone and social media sites. Read More

Americans lowered their credit card debt since the pandemic, but inflation could reverse the trend

Over the past few years, credit card balances were paid down and delinquent accounts became less common, but those gains could evaporate with soaring inflation. Read More

It’s time to stop putting off going to college; here are all the reasons why (1.2 million, to be exact)

If you didn’t enroll or re-enroll in college during the pandemic, this fall is the time to get back on the path to higher education. Read More

How American politics created a tribal culture on moral issues: ‘40 years ago, if I told you that this person supports abortion, you wouldn’t be able to tell how they felt about taxes, healthcare and immigration’

New research explores why political parties have become more polarized and how the wealthiest Americans can afford to vote on moral issues. Read More

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